Elles Road New World giving customers choices at the checkout

A well-stocked basket of fruit sits at the self checkouts at Elles Road New World.

It is likely to get restocked as the day progresses and customers take up the offer of a 60c banana.

Introducing the basket of fruit at the checkout, traditionally the domain of chocolates and other less healthy options, has been one of the latest in a string of healthy changes made at the supermarket under the leadership of owner and Healthy Families Invercargill Strategic Leadership Group member Bradley Patton.

The change was about helping people make informed choices when it came to their food selection at the checkout, Bradley said.

Often people would come in to the supermarket to buy their lunch or a snack, and bypass the fruit at the entry to the supermarket, instead being tempted by the confectionary. Having the basket of fruit at the checkout provided another opportunity for people to choose the healthy option, he said.

A sign advising customers of the kilo price for the fruit, but also the approximate price for an individual piece of fruit, helped, so that people “didn’t have to remember their NCEA maths”, he said.

Feedback from the initiative had been extremely positive, but proof it was working had come in the fact that the fruit was selling, he said.

Other changes implemented at the supermarket included making the carpark smokefree. The business also subsidises staff wanting to take part in health-related activities, such as the upcoming Vodafone Workplace Challenge, run by Sport Southland.

Healthy Families Invercargill manager Jared Cappie said it was fantastic to see such a great example of leadership being shown in the business and nutrition sphere.

“By providing people with healthier options, but also removing barriers for them making that healthier choice, Bradley is changing our city’s food environment for the better. Small steps can result in big changes.”


Caption: Elles Road New World owner Bradley Patton with the basket of fruit that is now being sold at the self checkouts at the supermarket. Photo: Sport Southland

Article added: Friday 03 August 2018


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